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What an amazing experience” (July 2021)

This was such an amazing experience!!!! Wolf is a one-of-a-kind individual. He took us in his open air jeep up the mountain all while educating us all the different variety of plants and flowers and survival techniques, gave us the history of the area, and even jumped out to pick some fresh pepper. Our particular tour took us up to a scenic overview where he set up a small picnic for us. It will be a cherished memory in our hearts and we cannot thank him enough for allowing us into his world. He, and his wife, were very communicative leading up to the excursion. She even let my 7 year old borrow her sunglasses for eye protection. I highly recommend you using Wolf for your mountain tour and make sure you book way in advanced as he fills out tours quickly.

Best Jeep Nature Tour – July 2021

Wolf was fantastic!! He taught us so much about the area and really expressed his love for nature, in Colorado specifically. He made us all feel comfortable and even packed a really special picnic filled with healthy snacks. Our family (husband, myself, and our 2 sons ages 10 and 7) had a wonderful time and highly recommend his tour!! Thank you again, Wolf!!

Book and EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!” (June 2021)

We met the Wolf and his wife Stephanie YEARS ago and words can not express how fun, knowledgeable, spiritual, and truly a guru in so many areas. We ❤️❤️❤️ him and go back to Vail specifically to be on one of his trips filled with so much joy. Every year except the year before due to COVID.
You will definitely feel that this experience is once in a lifetime!!!!!

Most phenomenal tour in all of colorful Colorado! May 2021

Wolf strives to provide both an education and exciting adventure that will yield memories for life! Being the seasoned survivalist he is, combined with a divine passion for environmental preservation, the knowledge he was able to share about the region was only limited by the duration of our tour. If you are searching for a personalized excursion to compliment endless breathtaking mountain views the whole family can enjoy, the Mountain Wolf’s jeep tour is a must!

“Once in a lifetime experience” 2015

Whatever you read about Wolf in the other write-ups is true. You will never again meet such a unique individual. He is not your typical jeep experience. Caring, articulate and knowledgeable about nature and survival. This will be an experience you will never forget. Yodel-a-e-u!

A perfect way to enjoy the Vail mountains!!” (2015)

This was awesome and unique at that!!! Wolf, the Austrian mountaineer, makes your four-hour adventure wanting another! We went in about 10 miles of very rugged terrain and he explains plants, history, wildlife, stops for photo ops and brought us to a lake at the top of the mountain, where we got out and took a walk. All the while, he shares stories of nature, survival…..he’s quite the entertainer; he yodels!  We ended up near the lake where we enjoyed a picnic of fresh fruit, nuts and lemonade, which he provided, complete with the red and white checkered tablecloth on the back of his jeep! He’s very neat; even wore gloves to prepare our picnic. He also provides blankets while in the jeep and you can tell they were clean.  Talk about being relaxed………feels like you’re so removed from civilization – nothing but nature as far as the eye can see. I love being outdoors, but at the end of the day, I need a hotel room with running water and a bathroom. Because Wolf is so passionate about what he does, I and the other three in our party, got so immersed in details and stories. It so happened that our tour was on the last day of vacation and in hindsight, we would plan it that way again. The “hectic-ness” of the week’s day trips melted away, literally listening to nothing but nature and our own voices. It was a great way to end our vacation!  Go Wolf!!! A great mountain jeep tour!!!

Love Wolf

Great jeep tour with the Austrian, Wolf. He was so knowledgeably and made sure that we learned things as we were enjoying the beautiful scenery. His personality made the trip, especially his yodeling!


No words can really describe this experience. Wolf has lived in Vail/Beaver Creek for 50 years. He took us on a back country road to a deserted mining camp. The road was impassable except for 4 wheel drive vehicles. There were no telephone poles in sight. The aspens were beautiful but the knowledge that Wolf had about the vegetation made my eyes focus on plants I never would have noticed. Wolf was also a wealth of knowledge about the medicinal value of each of the plants. A fact I will always remember is the explanation on the eyes on the Aspen trees. He also taught us survival skills that would be very helpful in any hiking situation. We were provided a nice snack at trails end before we headed back. The most amazing part was Wolf’s stories about being one with nature. He is living what he preached and his passion was inspiring. This tour was on his wedding anniversary and he was so immersed in our tour he was running late. A must do tour in theVail/Beaver Creek area.

Mountain Wolf Jeep Tours

We were vacationing in Beaver Creek last week with friends. They had been on a few tours with Wolf and they thought we would enjoy the experience. He picked us up at our condo and we spent the afternoon riding in an open air jeep up a mountain on narrow dirt trails. It was fantastic! He was so interesting and we learned about the area, the plants, trees, wildlife and he even touched on some basic survival training. He loves the mountains and it was a pleasure to spend the day with him. He also knew exactly where to stop for some great photos and the views were breathtaking. On our way down the mountain, Wolf stopped to help another tour guide who was having a problem with his jeep. He found the problem and the other guide was able to get his jeep running. We were so impressed with his thoughtfulness and we were very happy that he was our driver.  If you are looking for something to do in the area, I would highly recommend a Wolf Jeep Tour. He is delightful and has the knowledge and experience to give you an unforgettable day in the Rocky Mountains!

Yesterday was perfect in every way. We signed up for a jeep tour in the Rockies. I expected to see aspens turning, to learn about the flora and fauna and to take some spectacular pictures. we got that. But we got so much more. The Mountain Wolf was our guide. Lithe and fit, ski instructor by winter, jeep tour driver by summer, naturalist, survivalist, herbalist. Austrian, yodeler, mushroom man and probably the most content but excited to be alive person I have ever met. He connected with all of us instantly. He entertained us with stories and yodeling. He taught us all those things I expected. But there was more. A deep seated spirituality that could not be contained. Instead it was shared with each of us. Our connection with this planet and all of its forces unfolded throughout the day. He reminded us that nature’s gift is in the now. It was a cherish every moment kind of day and a reminder to live life free and wild with child like wonder and exuberance.

Met Wolf at 8am all bundled up ready for our jeep your up the mountain- I have never met someone who knew so much of the history of the area. He described all the plants and trees that we saw. As a survivalist he was so knowledgeable- if I had to choose between Wolf and Bear Griles – sorry Bear! The Wolf has it hands down! It was the best day ever!!
Wolfgang Uberbacher “THE WOLF” Makes an Unforgettable Jeep Experience

An experience of a lifetime! Open air Jeep tours of deep inside the Vail mountains. Jeep / ATV trails barely wide enough for one car. Wildlife viewing, detailed accounts of all the plant life around the trail – edible and inedible plants, what grows here and what grows in each season. Needless to say, Wolf is a naturist and loves the natural beauty and is at home there (it is his office!) Stopped many times to pick up trash, beer cans and such along the way. Spectacular views from the side of the mountain. Hold On! It gets bumpy. Enjoy the ride. Bring sunscreen, rain gear, a hat (that won’t fly off in the open air Jeep), and your camera. Door to door pick-up. Snacks such as cantaloupe, granola bars, cut apples (by Wolf’s pocketknife), lemonade, everything organic. Quiz Wolf on how to feed your life the natural way.

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